Save the date for a 3 in 1 celebration March 7th 2015!

posted Feb 23, 2015, 1:04 PM by Jan Groh   [ updated Feb 23, 2015, 9:39 PM ]
We are co-celebrating THREE wonderful spring occasions in one day Saturday March 7th when we will combine the arrival of Baba Marta (March 1), Bulgarian Liberation Day (Ден на Освобождението на България (March 3) and  International Women's Day (March 8) into one great occasion with you all!

Join us for food, friendship and another great children's presentation with music and a potluck at Podkrepa Hall 2116 N Killingsworth in Portland.

5:00 pm Bulgarche Children's cultural presentation starts promptly (don't be late!)
6:00 pm Potluck, raffle and social time for everyone

We also still have some white T-shirts with our NEW LOGO (shown on our Facebook page) on them available in exchange for a $20 tax-deductible donation to Podkrepa, as well as a NEW 1 page 2015 calendar featuring our Bulgarche program kids, so bring some money and get one before they are gone! (All items are offered in exchange for fully tax-deductible donations to Podkrepa).

The three celebrations include:

Baba Marta (Grandma March) traditionally visits March 1, when everyone dons (puts on and wears) a red & white Martenitsa (plural: Martenichki or Мартенички)  signifying rebirth and good health (traditions and meaning vary a bit across regions). These handcrafted adornments are traditionally worn until the first sign of Spring comes in the form of either a blossoming tree, or the first sight of a swallow or stork when they are then placed on or tied to a blooming shrub or bush. Although spring seems to have come early to Portland this year, please don't let this stop you from sporting (wearing) a Martenitsa for a few days in early March with us anyway! (We have some мартенички available for sale you can come get early at our Rosna Kitka dance session Friday February 27th 7:00 pm also!)

Bulgarian Liberation Day (Ден на Освобождението на България  is a very significant Public Holiday for Bulgarians, signifying liberation from the Ottoman Empire, and is traditionally celebrated in the modern era on March 3rd. We are moving our celebration to the weekend to allow more to join us.

Lastly, we are also co-celebrating March 8th (Осеми Март) or International Women's Day one day early to also allow more to join us. The 8th of March is recognized with more significance in Bulgaria and other regions including Europe than in the United States. It is also known as Mother's Day in Bulgaria. This does not stop us from celebrating it here! We would not be here without women, after all. Join us!